Conference Day One - 16 February

Opening remarks from the Chair

Matthew Warren
Australian Financial Review Columnist and former Chief Executive Officer
Australian Energy Council (AEC)

KEYNOTE: Ministerial address

The minister will give a live address, followed by questions from the chair.

The Hon Angus Taylor
Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction
Federal Government

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Learning from the California experience: creating a secure energy system
  • Stabilising an energy system that relies on intermittent energy generation
  • Building resilience into energy supply to overcome natural disasters
  • Keeping essential services running through microgrids and energy storage
  • Finding alternatives to Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events
  • Lessons Australia can take from California

Karen Douglas
California Energy Commission, USA

Networking break
Physical infrastructure and technology to support renewable energy
Overview of Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap
  • Unpacking the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020
  • Early Roadmap implementation
  • On-the-ground delivery of Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone 

James Hay
Deputy Secretary Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability
NSW Department of Planning Industry & Environment

Utility 2.0 - new business models and the supporting technology
  • Update on international energy trends
  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence in new generation projects
  • Making the next big thing happen - hydrogen
  • Combating climate change - this is what it's all about

Gavin Mooney
Utilities Industry Advisor
SAP Australia

Regulatory reform to enable a responsive grid and encourage investment
Reforming regulation to get market-settings right and ensure an efficient energy sector
  • Ensuring secure power system operation through essential system services
  • Providing greater opportunities for DER participation
  • Making connection processes easier
  • Improving customer outcomes from retailer financial impacts

Benn Barr
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC)

Developing a long-term, fit-for-purpose market framework to support reliability – ESB’s Post 2025 design
  • Integrating large and small scale renewables into the system
  • Unlocking the full value the renewable revolution and new technologies
  • Dealing with the peculiarities of an Energy Only Market

Kerry Schott
Independent Chair
Energy Security Board

Networking break
PANEL DISCUSSION: What reforms will make energy projects viable and incentivise investment?
  • What scares potential financiers off current projects?
  • Can we trust market forces or do we need a central planning unit directing the transition?
  • Is carbon pricing necessary?
  • Are we heading towards electrification of the whole energy system?
  • Incentivising investment in the less productive projects to provide balance


Matthew Warren 
Author, "Blackout"
Director, ENPEC


Rachel Watson
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific Hydro Australia

Peter Price
Executive General Manger Engineering
Energy Queensland

Andrew Bills
Chief Executive Officer
CS Energy

Tsen Wong
Head of Energy, Resources Energy and Infrastructure
ANZ Banking Group

Ministerial Address

The Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan
Minister for Energy and Mining
South Australian Government

What generation technology should we invest in and what do we do about hydrogen?
  • What type of generation is needed in the grid
  • How do we ensure new generation is not obsolete in a few years
  • How does hydrogen fit into the power generation puzzle
  • How can we store and transport excess renewable energy

Tim Meyers
Sales Manager – Power, Australia and Pacific
MAN Energy Solutions Australia

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Day One